About Bright Minds family day care

Our aim

Our Philosophy:

  • Bright Minds Family Day Care is committed to the wellbeing, health, care and education of all children, families, staff and members of our community.

Our Vision:

  • We invest in young minds to create bright future for children, families and communities.

We Believe:

  • That each child is individual, unique, and important and has the right to develop to their full potential.
  • That the educators are one of the service’s most valuable resources.
  • That parents and families are the child’s first educators.
  • That the service is a valuable community resource.

Our Core Values

 Respect     Partnerships     Persistence     Accountability

  • Respect means: Care, Integrity, Trust, Confidentiality, Courtesy
  • Partnerships mean: Children, Community, Families, Staff
  • Persistence means: Commitment, Have-a-go, Courage, Passion
  • Accountability means: Honesty, Critical reflection, Standards, Recording & reporting.

How To Join

As a parent if you would like to enrol your child to our service, please visit the parent’s page and contact us.

As an educator if you would like to join bright minds family day care please visit the educators page and contact us if you fulfil all of the requirements.