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Parent Information

Bright Minds Family Day Care has a rigorous Educator registration policy. We recruit qualified educators and ensure that they deliver the best quality care in a safe and nurturing environment for your child.

At Bright Minds Family Day Care we interview all of our educators prior to registering them.  We want to make sure that our educators are passionate about caring for children. There is a strict criteria that needs to be met when registering with our service.

A lot of our educators have children of their own so when we consider the educator, we also assess the residence and family members to ensure that the care environment is suitable for everyone that’s involved.

At Bight Minds Family Day Care we are aware that each child is unique in both their abilities as well as in which way they learn. We therefore tailor specific support for each Educator in order for them to provide the best possible education and experience for all children in their care.

We celebrate and respect equality and diversity among not only the children enrolled in our service but also among Educators and Staff. We respect all individuals regardless of their culture, race, religion, physical/intellectual ability or socio-economic and family background.


Each Educator within a family day care service will set their own fee. It is important that families understand that each Educator may have a range of fees and charges depending on the service provided. The Educator will be able to tell you the total cost of the care, but is not able to provide you with an estimate of actual cost of care reduced by your Child Care Subsidy entitlement prior to commencement as he/she will not have verification of your eligible CCS percentage. Please call your local Centrelink to know more about your eligibility.